The heart of the
Churchie community

Parents are the lifeblood of the Churchie community, providing voluntary support and sharing their voice through various networks and support groups. There are numerous ways for parents to get involved and meet other Churchie parents.

Churchie Parents Advisory Association

Churchie Parents Advisory Association (CPAA) has been formed to provide a representation across all domains of the School including the Prep and Senior Schools, the boarding community and the support groups. The executive committee is comprised of nominated representatives from parents across the School.

For current parents, a detailed overview and current executive member list can be found on myChurchie (login required).

Parent Connect

Parent Connect is the school-wide parent community support group focused on nurturing the fun and family-centric side of school life. They provide valuable support services through formal and informal networks across the school. They intentionally communicate, connect, coordinate services and facilitate wellbeing support for Churchie families and the greater community.

Each class in the Prep School and each year and house in Senior School has a parent volunteer who is the friendly peer contact for parents to help navigate school life. Once you become a Churchie parent, you can join the Parent Connect database to receive communication from your parent coordinators and access your cohort’s parent contact list.

Parent Connect volunteering

Parent Connect manage a variety of volunteer groups and services:

  • Viking Café and Prep School tuckshop
  • Community Cookers
  • Uniform Shop
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Chapel Flowers
  • Community Chorale

Support Groups

Churchie has numerous support groups that assist and work in partnership with the school, Head of Cocurricular and staff directors of each sport and activity to enhance the experiences of students participating in those sports and activities.

Support groups are vital in fostering parent participation, developing strong team and school spirit, building community and encouraging excellence in all activities within the School.

The key focus areas of support groups are:

  • Friendraising
  • Encouraging student participation
  • Volunteering
  • Fundraising
  • Event organisation

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