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A Learner’s Toolkit study skills programme

Churchie’s world-leading programme, A Learner’s Toolkit, empowers students with the strategies and confidence to enhance their learning for life.

A flagship initiative of The Churchie Research Centre, A Learner’s Toolkit teaches students a range of study strategies that have been proven to be most effective for their learning success. The programme is in partnership with UQ’s Science of Learning Research Centre and the University of Washington, with results measured and proven through peer-reviewed published research conducted at Churchie by Churchie’s research staff.

The project draws in cognitive and educational psychological principles pertaining to information retention and memory to produce a suite of learnable and practical strategies taught to students in Years 7 to 12 to assist with study for exam preparation and assessment tasks.

Students undertake regular sessions, with mentoring, explicit scaffolding and guided planning,  helping them develop effective study strategies at different stages of the learning cycle in each subject—a coherent programme promoting excellence in learning across the Senior School.

Visualisation techniques help students with knowledge retention and allow them to connect ideas more effectively. Flashcards, particularly for science and languages, are also highly effective, especially when used over a stretch of time, helping to develop long-term memory and better enabling higher-order thinking.

The focus of the research continues to be the development and evaluation of learning behaviours and study skills. The aim is to produce lifelong learners who move from high school into the tertiary environment and beyond, in a motivated, self‑efficacious and resilient way.

To share this important knowledge with students across all schools, the Churchie Research Centre has created a dedicated website with resources for parents, students, teachers and school leaders. We hope all student benefit from the ground-breaking research made possible by the Churchie Research Centre.

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