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Academic results

Churchie warmly congratulates the class of 2017 for attaining outstanding academic results.

In 2017, Churchie students achieved 23 OP1s, 13 OP2s and 22 OP3s.
Read the Academic Results Booklet for 2017 for a comprehensive review of the academic year and acheivements. 
In a wonderful tribute to the boys’ dedication, high quality teaching and support, 45% of the cohort received an A in the Queensland Core Skills Test (QCS).
  • 48% achieved OP 1-5 (Churchie's highest-ever result)
  • 83% achieved OP 1-10 (Churchie's highest-ever result)
  • 96% achieved OP 1-15
  • 100% of graduates attained a Queensland Certificate of Education.
Our sincere thanks, gratitude and congratulations are extended to Churchie's talented and dedicated teachers and our supportive parents, all of whom have worked diligently in a community-wide, team effort.
We wish each graduate the very best as he prepares for life beyond Churchie. They are fine young men who embody Churchie's mission to develop young men of good character, strong intellect and generous spirit.

Academic results 2016

Churchie's class of 2016 achieved 26 OP1s, 13 OP2s and 15 OP3s. Fourteen per cent of the cohort received an OP1­, Churchie's highest-ever result.
  • 46% achieved OP 1-5
  • 78% achieved OP 1-10
  • 97% achieved OP 1-15
Also 42 per cent of the class achieved an A on the Queensland Core Skills Test, which reflects the dedication and talents of our students, the wonderful support from teachers and the school’s high expectations,
QCS Grade Churchie State*
A 42.1% 18.6%
B 33.9% 28.9%
C 21.0% 34.7%
D 2.9% 17.7%
E 0.0% 0.0%
*State percentages include all OP eligible candidates who sat the QCS Test.
100 per cent of students received a Queensland Certificate of Education, highlighting the success of the whole Year 12 cohort. 

Academic results 2015

Churchie's class of 2015 achieved 26 OP 1s (13%), 15 OP 2s and 20 OP 3s.
There were record results achieved in all benchmarked domains:
  • 44% achieved OP 1-5
  • 78% achieved OP 1-10
  • 98% achieved OP 1-15
  • 100% attained a Queensland Certificate of Education.

Such outstanding academic results represent a deep commitment to learning and scholarship on the part of our young men, their dedicated teachers and supportive parents. They are borne of the strong, shared dedication to teaching and learning at the heart of Churchie’s culture.

Academic results 2014

The Federal Government announced the winners of the Australian Student Prize, acknowledging the country’s top 500 senior secondary students for their outstanding work during the 2014 school year. The prize is awarded in recognition of academic excellence and achievement, and has been awarded annually since 1991.
The 2014 prize was awarded to 10 students from the Australian Capital Territory, 148 from New South Wales, 4 from the Northern Territory, 111 from Queensland, 40 from South Australia, 10 from Tasmania, 123 from Victoria and 54 from Western Australia.
Congratulations to Churchie’s 2014 recipients:
  • Leo Liu
  • Angus Scott-Young
  • Dean Andronis
  • James Dalton
  • Charles Godber
  • Hamish Litster
  • Constantine Yanardasis
  • Tim Pitcher
  • Yi Liu
  • Samrudh Shaju.
Visit to find out more about the prize.

In 2014, our senior cohort achieved 19 OP 1s, 15 OP 2s and 13 OP 3s. 

  • 39% achieved OP 1-5
  • 72% achieved OP 1-10
  • 94% achieved OP 1-15.
The QCS results demonstrate that 70.7 per cent of students received an A or B grade which represents Churchie’s highest ever A/B percentage grade.

These academic results highlight the school’s strong partnership with parents, its long-standing commitment to high quality teaching and personal care, and consistently high expectations.