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James Morrison visits ChurchieChurchie has a long history of excellence in music and music education. The School was established in 1912 and since that time has had a strong association with St John’s Cathedral. Cathedral choristers are given scholarships to attend Churchie and further broaden their involvement in a multitude of outstanding ensembles whilst singing in the choir and beyond once their voices begin to change. 

The music programme has always had an enviable reputation within Australia both for its depth of talent developed within the School and the broad range of musical disciplines in which it seeks to engage every pupil who attends the School.

Music in Prep

The Prep School (Reception to Year 6) endeavours to inculcate a deep love of music and music-making. The development of aural skills through the Kodaly methodology along with an impressive instrumental programme (Year 3 strings immersion programme and Year 5 Band immersion programme) ensures skill development as well as engagement in the subject within the classroom.

This approach, combined with the plethora of ensemble opportunities, ensures each boy is given ample opportunity to find his musical voice.

Music in the Senior School

The Music Faculty caters for a broad range of standards, styles and genres. Churchie’s biannual musical has consistently produced stunning presentations and has fostered the early steps in the development of musicians toward outstanding professional careers on national and international stages. 

Churchie Boy with clarinet.Churchie has had several international tours to the UK and Europe, the first in 1980 and more in recent years, with performances at Eton College, Westminster Abbey, Ely Cathedral, Yorkminster, Fairfield Hall, Croydon, Musikverein (Vienna) and Rome to name a few.

The co-curricular music programme in the Senior School is extensive and runs in tandem with a highly successful and effective classroom music programme. To ensure the ensembles and the Music Faculty are well prepared, each year begins with a music camp held on the Australia Day long weekend before school officially commences. Boys become enthused regarding the repertoire they will be learning and the exciting performance opportunities that will unfold throughout the year.

Churchie is proud of the large number of boys who have gone on to pursue their professional music careers in areas as diverse as rock musicians, film composers, pop songwriters, conductors, opera singers, choreographers and directors of theatre, musicals and opera.


Communication is critical to the successful running of the Music Faculty.

Churchie’s parent portal, myChurchie, is the most frequent source of gathering important information about music rehearsals, performances and commitments/responsibilities.

The portal contains the following information:
  • specific ensemble information and news
  • dates of concerts
  • performance details, including arrival times and uniform needs
  • details about tours
  • ticket information and booking details
  • lesson information.