Senior School

Years 7 to 12

Developing young men of good character, strong intellect and generous spirit.

Churchie’s Senior School is a vibrant community of 1,300 students across Years 7 to 12, comprising day students and around 150 boarders.

A broad range of curricular and cocurricular opportunities, supported by a nurturing pastoral care, allows young men to explore and expand their interests and abilities. Each boy is encouraged to apply themselves across the four tenets of the School to develop intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually—a balanced and nurturing journey to develop a young man of good character, strong intellect and generous spirit, who can lead and serve others in the global community.

Year 7

A nurturing transition year

Year 7 at Churchie welcomes a diverse range of students who join our graduating Prep School on their secondary school journey in a vibrant and supportive community. To foster new friendships, Year 7 boys are grouped into form classes, with dedicated form teachers overseeing their care and guidance during this important transition year.

The academic programme for Year 7 has been specifically designed to support students to develop the skills and confidence needed to thrive. There is a key focus on developing independence, with Churchie’s world-leading study skills program, A Learner’s Toolkit, laying the best foundation for future success.

Important life skills such as resilience, responsibility and relationship building are developed through weekly pastoral learning classes, a wealth of cocurricular activities, community service and the outdoor education program.

Alongside all of this, our dedicated staff provide personal, emotional and spiritual support during their Year 7 transition year, led by a head of year and supported by the school psychologist, school chaplain, tutor teachers and peer support networks.

Years 8, 9 and 10

Exploring opportunity, building confidence

Years 8 to 10 at Churchie are formative years of growth, full of challenge, excitement, opportunity and depth.

The curriculum is broad, with core and elective subjects across all disciplines helping boys broaden their interests and discover their passions. A world-leading study skills programme establishes confidence and life long learning skills.

Outdoor Education challenges boys to think broadly about themselves and their environs. Service and Tri-Service Cadets develops compassion and care for others as well as leadership skills. The vast cocurricular programme unlocks creativity, teamwork, strength, coordination and confidence.

Through these years, Churchie young men have everything they need to identify their passions and develop the intellectual and social skills to confidently move into their final years of schooling and beyond.

Years 11 and 12

Reaching your full potential

The senior years of schooling at Churchie see students reach their full potential, graduating from Churchie to the world as accomplished, well-balanced young men.

Students have the choice to complete either the Queensland Certificate of Education, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or an approved vocational education pathway.

All students are encouraged to set high expectations for themselves and to strive to achieve their best.

The cocurricular, service and spiritual awareness programmes continue to provide essential support, personal growth and social development. Achieving a healthy balance between academic and cocurricular domains is encouraged as a key part in ‘the making of men’. Also, leadership opportunities through house groups, sport and activities, cadets or as school prefects provide immense possibilities for maturity and growth.

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