Inspiring mission

Inspiring mission
Year 11 Goodwin House

Year 11 Goodwin House students have commenced a partnership with Emmanuel City Mission, where they will visit once a fortnight to serve those experiencing homelessness in Brisbane.

Year 11 student Noah Monahan was inspired to act after finding out a young family friend of his had fallen into the cycle of homelessness last year. As part of the Year 11 social justice project, Noah and his Goodwin House peers brainstormed ideas for how they could positively impact the homeless community in Brisbane. They decided to volunteer their time at Emmanuel City Mission, an organisation that provides a sanctuary in south Brisbane for those experiencing homelessness.

Emmanuel City Mission offers nutritious food, showers and washing facilities, clothing and toiletry packs, and a safe space free from the chaos and isolation of the streets. The students will visit fortnightly to make breakfast, sort donations, help clean the facilities and chat with people there. The first visit was early one morning in June, with nine Goodwin boys visiting Emmanuel City Mission for the first time.

Noah said, ‘Visiting the mission has changed our perspective on life and the world around us forever. Offering a helping hand for breakfast, lunch and dinner or providing laundry services and a warm shower can go such a long way in changing a person’s life.’