Finding Nemo Jr, The Musical

Finding Nemo Jr, The Musical

The Prep School celebrates 20 years of Finding Nemo with a spectacular musical production.

During Term 3 this year, the Churchie Prep community embarked on a remarkable journey to honour the 20th anniversary of the heartwarming tale with a sensational musical adaptation, Finding Nemo Jr, The Musical.

As families and students gathered in the School’s Morris Hall, the nostalgic atmosphere was palpable and the excitement was infectious. For many, Finding Nemo is more than just a movie; it’s a cherished memory of childhood.

The success of Finding Nemo Jr, The Musical was a testament to the hard work and dedication of both students and teachers. The production not only provided a platform for the boys to showcase their talents but also fostered camaraderie and new friendships among the cast and crew.

What did they love most about being in the musical?

Students revealed that in the experience, they expressed their joy in various ways. Some highlighted the sense of teamwork, relishing the opportunity to sing in front of an audience, while others cherished the chance to make new friends and perform energetic dances. The boys particularly enjoyed witnessing the different elements of the production coming together seamlessly, leading to a captivating performance.

Teachers echoed the sentiment, noting the boys’ infectious enthusiasm throughout the journey. The teachers were thrilled to hear spontaneous bursts of song during weekly walks from the Prep School to Morris Hall. As performance night drew near, they witnessed the boys embracing the spirit of performing together, with many students eagerly showing off their choreography and singing skills. For the educators, seeing everyone on stage was a truly rewarding experience as they watched the students grow and shine within the Churchie community.

What were their favourite memories?

Students fondly recalled their favourite moments, with ‘One Dedicated Father’ earning praise for its catchiness and ‘We Swim Together’ celebrated for its fun and energetic dance routines. Prep student Stavros summed up the experience, saying, ‘We had worked so hard to get where we were and we had all done so well.’

Teachers cherished watching the chorus groups immerse themselves in their characters and marvel at the incredible costumes, including the captivating jellyfish ensemble. Moreover, they were delighted to witness new friendships forming and the boys’ confidence steadily growing.

Participating in the Prep Musical taught the students valuable lessons about teamwork, singing and the intricacies of musical theatre. As one student noted, ‘It takes a lot more than just a great cast to put on a great show.’

A final word from the teachers

As the curtains closed on ‘Finding Nemo Jr, The Musical,’ teachers couldn’t help but feel a mix of emotions. They described it as ‘bittersweet’ to finish the 2023 Prep Musical, which had been a delightful experience for the entire Churchie community. The production allowed the boys to shine in their respective roles, showcasing their immense talent and dedication.

Putting on a musical of this magnitude requires an incredible amount of effort and teamwork, and the teachers expressed their gratitude to the dedicated team of staff and parents who volunteered their time and talents to create this magical show. In the words of the sea chorus, ‘Together, we swim together.’

This extraordinary production wouldn’t have been possible without the contribution of numerous stage crew boys, parent volunteers and staff members who generously gave their time and support. Special thanks were extended to Mrs Melissa Black, Mrs Nicole Baker and Mrs Kylie Blakely, who were the creative forces behind this spectacular production.

Looking ahead, the Churchie Prep community eagerly anticipates their next production in 2025, and as Dory wisely reminds us, ‘just keep swimming!’