Learning to lead

Learning to lead

Learning to lead
in the Prep School

Leadership is a valuable skill that is beneficial in all aspects of life. In the Prep School, learning to lead and serve others is a philosophy we engender with all boys. We believe that all students have the potential to develop leadership skills, and we encourage the boys to apply these leadership skills to initiatives that strengthen our school community.

To facilitate the boys’ growth and development in the Prep School, there are a variety of opportunities to learn to lead. In the first instance, we ask boys to lead themselves. We encourage them to do the little things well, such as wearing their uniform correctly, tipping their hat, using their manners, being on time to class and being prepared—all the ‘one percenters’ that make a significant difference.

Once they have the ability to lead themselves, they have opportunities to lead others through introductory roles as Class Captains. This provides their first step in leading others and allows for growth and development in the leadership space. Further opportunities await in the cocurricular arena, with activity captains for sports and music—another opportunity to learn to lead. Within the new Prep School house system, we will provide additional opportunities for boys to develop their leadership skills. With a vertical system in place, the younger boys will be able to look to our older boys as leaders within their house, and this will be formalised through the opportunity to become a house captain or vice-captain.

Year 6 leadership

On Thursday 1 February, we celebrated and inducted our 10 Prep School student leaders at our Leadership Assembly. These fine young men embody the leadership philosophy of the Prep School. They have proven to their peers that they can lead themselves and have the ability to serve and lead others. We look forward to their individual and collective contributions. I am confident that they will serve our school community with distinction.

In a world where leadership skills are becoming increasingly important, we believe our boys deserve to be equipped with the leadership skills they need to make a positive impact on our school community and beyond the gates of Churchie. With an ever-evolving society, we can prepare our boys with the necessary skills to make a positive impact.