Home improvement

Home improvement

Year 7 boarders will have a stunning new home away from home thanks to a new, expanded Year 7 boarding residence. The new spaces will be warm and welcoming, with an emphasis on balancing personal space with areas to socialise and study.

This exciting development will see the refurbishment of both levels of the current Year 7 centre in the Donaldson building as well as a transformation of the historic Gerald wing extension of School House back into a boarding residence.

This expansion will include an additional nine beds for Year 7 boarders, as well as accommodation for residential staff in each building to provide and oversee the day-to-day care of students and the operation of the centre.

Individual bedroom pods will provide a comfortable sleep and study space for each boy, and modern bathroom facilities will be designed with privacy in mind. Each building will feature a common room, providing plenty of space for boys to relax and socialise with their new boarding brothers, as well as modern kitchen facilities, perfect for preparing a snack, enjoying some weekend cooking or celebrating a birthday. Study zones will be included in each building, providing dedicated spaces for group study.

A warm and inviting colour scheme has been selected, along with comfortable, homely furnishings to help boys feel ‘at home’ during this important time. There is also space in each building for a Year 12 boarder who will be a role model, a big brother and a friendly face to help them settle into boarding life.

A reception area will be created in Donaldson to provide a centralised location for student support, as well as a dedicated location for parents to check in and collect their boys at the beginning and end of each term.

This refurbishment is the latest in a series of new and refurbished facilities to provide Churchie’s boarders with the best possible accommodation and support services, in line with the School’s firm, continuing commitment to a thriving boarding culture and world-class programme.