Mentor mates

Mentor mates

Years 7 and 11 boys are enjoying a new mentoring initiative introduced this year by new Head of Year 7 Joe Hodges. Year 11 students have stepped forward to be mentors for Year 7s in their houses. The goal is that these friendships will continue and strengthen into next year.

On Wednesday lunchtimes, the groups focus on building connections through activities for their Year 7 mentees, including spelling bees, touch football, soccer, chess and board games. Mentors also assist the Year 7 boys with study and organisation tips.

As an Old Boy (2003) himself, Joe knew how impactful it would be for a new Year 7 boy to form a special connection with his older peers.

Year 7 student Hayden Hochen said:

The initiative also helps Year 11 boys further develop their leadership skills before commencing formal leadership positions in their final year. Year 11 mentor Angus Storen said:

Thanks to this initiative, our newest Senior School students are settling better into Churchie while the older students develop the necessary skills to become student leaders.