A place to belong

A place to belong

Predominately focused on boys in Years 3 to 6, this new initiative has been driven by research and discussions with like-minded schools across Australia and seeks to deliver a world-class pastoral care system.

Head of Preparatory School Mark Wyer believes this new initiative will greatly benefit all students.

Upon joining Churchie, all boys in Reception to Year 6 are assigned to one of four Prep School houses, each named after bands of Norsemen associated with the ‘Viking’ invaders of the British Isles: Angles (blue), Danes (green), Jutes (yellow) and Saxons (red). Each house develops its own community and culture, with boys taking pride in the achievements of their house.

Under the new vertical house system, boys in Years 3 to 6 gather regularly for house meetings, led by four dedicated Prep School Housemasters: Tim Sutherland (Angles), James Harth (Danes), Symond Russell (Jutes) and Jessica King (Saxons). Housemasters are jointly responsible for the personal, spiritual and service development of each boy, along with his core teacher. The housemasters have been getting to know each of the boys in their house and act as an additional point of contact for them in their journey through the Prep School.

House meetings provide a forum for pastoral care programmes to be implemented, equipping boys with the necessary skills needed to confidently navigate their time through their school years and beyond. The house meetings allow boys to get to know their peers in other year levels as they participate in a range of structured activities. They also provide an opportunity for older boys to act as mentors and role models for younger students. Boys have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, engage in service learning and be supported with their spiritual development.

In addition to supporting the social and emotional development of students, houses play a pivotal role in fostering school spirit. Boys continue to participate in a range of interhouse activities and competitions, where they learn, grow and compete alongside one another. By participating in these activities, boys improve their self-confidence, teamwork and social skills. They also develop good character and respect for friendly and healthy competition.

The introduction of a new pastoral care system to the Prep School represents a significant milestone in our commitment to our mission, the making of men, nurturing and inspiring boys to become men of character who will lead and serve in communities across the world for the common good.